Launch Day!

I’m a little late in writing this, due to the fact that I’m still recovering from the sleep deprivation. But Moonraker is in the water now, happily occupying slip A9.

We had considered staying in a room overnight, since our launch was still early. At the last minute, however, we decided to stay home and get up with the chickens. Not being a morning person, the Bean was particularly grumpy, but, of course, she did not go back to sleep in the car.

We had received a reminder in the mail, telling us to have our battery charged at least 30 minutes before the launch, and to check in an hour before. In spite of our noble intentions, we arrived 30 minutes before the launch. But they were still happy to get our boat out of the parking lot and into the water!

This time, we were prepared for it to take on a ton of water, before the rubber seals swelled. The bilge pump got quite a workout. Otherwise, it made it to our slip just fine–on all 4 cylinders this year! We spent the day working on it, mainly cleaning. Rob fixed the gas tank, so that it will not need the leaky portable tank anymore.

So it is in the water now. Sadly, this month is so busy that we won’t get to visit it again for a couple more weeks.

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