In Praise of Adventure

We’re heading back to Moonraker today, so I will have more stories about our cruising adventures tomorrow.

When we got married, the obligations grew. We found ourselves wanting to see everyone–family and friends–and wanting to make everyone happy. We couldn’t just say “no” because we didn’t want to. We enjoyed getting together with others.

Then, last summer, I asked Rob: when was the last time we took a vacation with just our family?

Three. Years. Ago.

And that wasn’t as long as some couples have gone. There’s something to be said for having your own adventure. For creating an experience that is unique to your family. These are the stories that we’ll have to tell.

Don’t be afraid to add an element of…adventure… Maybe going out on the Great Lakes and possibly encountering a storm isn’t your idea of fun. So go hiking. Go on a road trip. You will learn more about each other when you work together to solve a problem.

It doesn’t have to be a month. But do try to get a week. You’re not being selfish by taking time for your own family. You’re doing something to strengthen your bonds with each other.

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