Hmmm…Involuntarily Off the Grid?

Well, last week we came home from the boat for a day, and the house seemed rather dark. I looked at the kilowatt wheel as we went by (as I always do!), and the impossible had happened. It had stopped!

We’d done it! We were off the grid!

However, since I hadn’t actually saved up for my Kitchen Queen yet, I reluctantly called Consumers Energy and they fixed the power outage.

But when we came home again, we learned that we were still partially off the grid. For example, the IPod charger no longer worked. OTG!

But we’re even hipper than that. I went to go take a shower, while Beanie was quietly playing, and there was no hot water. “Honey, I think the water heater is off the grid!” I announced. Rob went and checked, and it was! We don’t know if there was a brownout before the power went out, or if the heating element just died on its own.

So, for the rest of this summer, I guess we’re going to have to spend more time at the boat. Then, when we get around to it, Rob will replace the element. But, after that, we’ll replace the water heater.

If we wanted to use less energy, we could switch to a gas model.

Of course, I had other ideas…

Rob was definitely intrigued. We’ll see if we can manage to save up that much!

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