Harrisville Harbor

Wow, how do I start to write about yesterday?

We woke up to the sound of pouring rain. Shoot. I quickly removed the charts away from the leaking window. Double shoot. I remembered that we had to make Harrisville, so that we could make Ossineke the next day.

The weather report called for a 4-hour break between storms, from 10:00 to 5:00. It was 9:45. Time to get going!

We left a foggy and rainy Tawas, but this is what it looked like after we passed Oscoda:

Although she did watch some DVD’s, Beanie managed to keep herself busy once again:

Unimpressed with the bumpy ride, the kitty found an interesting place to seek shelter:

Shortly after the sun came out, we noticed that the flag was blowing the wrong way.

We had been motoring so that we would make good time. This, however, told us that the wind was going faster than us. And that we were moving downwind. So…

Notice the repair that Rob did on the genoa.

Moonraker will do about 5 knots under power. With the sails up, we did 6-7 knots! The only way we could have gone faster would have been if we were on a reach–sideways to the wind–instead of going downwind. But it was a smooth ride and we made good time.

30 minutes before we expected to change course for Harrisville, we saw a large point ahead. There is a small point before Harrisville and a large point after. We thought maybe this was the small point. Then, I saw this on shore:

The only town between Oscoda and Harrisville is Greenbush, and I don’t think that they have a water tower. Sure enough, a quick look at the GPS told us that it was time to change course!

We started out with a pump-out at the gas dock:

We anchored out next to another sailboat:

Beanie loved the ducks!

We blew up the dinghy and headed to shore:

As soon as we got unloaded onto shore, we noticed that Moonraker seemed to be drifting. Then the harbormaster yelled, “Your boat!” Rob rowed back to it, along with our neighbor in his dinghy. Beanie and I tried to walk over, but there was not a passable way to get there.

So, we started the hot dogs (hey, you still gotta eat!):

We watched Rob work on Moonraker, then head it into a slip.

We learned that a special type of anchor is required if you are in seaweed. So, if there are lots of weeds, no free parking for us! We’re just glad we didn’t have to call Tow Boat.

Harrisville Harbor is a very nice place to stay, so we’re not heartbroken about having a slip. They have a very nice computer room, inexpensive laundry, and new, clean bathrooms and showers. They loan out bikes to boaters and have a shuttle to restaurants in town. I would love to spend more time here!

Many of the boaters here are on longer trips, as we are. We met some recent graduates from Northern Michigan University who have been cruising on their boat since May 1. Beanie had fun with their guitar:

When I mentioned that I needed more pictures for my blog, they told me that they also write a blog about their adventures! Here is a link to it. I am completely jealous. When we were that age, we were still going on short cruises on an O’day 20 (which does not have adequate room to sit up straight in the cabin!).

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