Getting Ready!


We made a little trip out to our summer home today. It was great to be back and see everybody! We bought a new battery for the boat, so we can be sure that it will start up for us next week. We started up the engine, and it ran fine and on all 4 cylinders. That is a major relief, because last summer (at a different marina) the boat was shrink wrapped without vents, after a rain storm (so it was full of water). The humidity caused the engine to hang up and only run on 2 cylinders. We thought we would have to buy a new engine, but Rob worked his magic and got it to run properly by the end of the summer.

We removed the shrink wrap, which led to our only glitch. We had LOTS of vents put in the shrink wrap, after we told the repair people about our experience at our previous marina. Still, the cabin was filled with condensation. We took the carpet home to clean, and I will have a great deal of mold to take care of after we get in our slip. And the outside of the boat looks shabby overall. We have some days of scrubbing ahead! Luckily, the engine was not damaged. Next winter, we’ll save $500 and not shrink wrap, since the boat is always in worse shape after we have it done.

Happy that the engine was running, we took a walk to our new “real estate”–slip A9. We will be on the floating docks, which are off in a separate area from the rest of the marina. There are mainly sailboats there, and it seems like a fun crowd.

So, we launch at 8:30 a.m. next Saturday, and we have to check in at 7:30. We plan on getting a cheap room nearby, rather than making the hour-long drive from our house Saturday morning. Then, if the weather is as nice as it’s supposed to be, we’ll spend the weekend on the boat!

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