Fun in East Tawas

Our original plan was to arrive in East Tawas on Friday, sail to Harrisville yesterday, and arrive in Ossineke, in front of the house that Rob’s dad owns there today. Rob’s brother’s birthday is tomorrow, and we would be meeting him there.

So we called Rob’s family when we arrived in Tawas, and his brother will not be able to meet up with us until the 11th. After looking at the weather reports, we saw that there was no advantage to moving on right away, and Tawas is a fun place to spend a day.

Here are some pictures of our fun:

Beanie found the playground!

Lots of parties going on!

Robs tinkering away.

Working on moped parts at the kitchen table--as usual!

Tricycle practice

A visit to the beach is in order.

And this is what Rob was doing when we came back!

He might actually be a workaholic...

Time for a cookout at the park!

And the cat has made herself at home.

So now we’re heading to Harrisville. It looks like we’ll miss the storms, but we might get a little wet. Should be an adventure!

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