Awesome Meals!


What could be better than a Happy Meal? Well, an awesome meal, of course! We wanted something fun to use while we’re on the road, that would be fun and different for the Bean to eat. And, of course, something that would include a toy to keep her busy.

So, we bought a couple plastic pencil boxes. You could use a larger box for an older kid. We got some small boxes and, for the time being, some Ziploc bags (which can be reused, and later replaced with sandwich wraps). We chose a theme, which this time is farm animals. I bought some farm animal stickers and decorated everything with them. And I included a small farm animal toy.

Tomorrow, the Bean will eat her first Awesome Meal, during her lunch break between therapy sessions. What’s on the menu? Grapes, raisins, sunflower seeds, bran crackers, and a Fruitabu. Veggie wraps, cheese, lunch meat (if you have a cooler), carrot sticks, and ants on a log are other good ideas. A milk box doesn’t fit in her lunch, so she’ll carry it separate or use a sippy cup.



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