And We’re Off!

Yesterday, we left Bay City a bit later than we had hoped, around 10:00. It was a beautiful, sunny day…with no wind. So Moonraker’s engine got quite the workout!

I started out at the helm.

Watching Bay City fade off in the distance

Beanie kept herself very busy--no videos were needed!

The next port north, after Bay City, is Au Gres, 8 hours away. Unfortunately, we can’t get our boat into the marina there, because the water levels are too low. So our only option was to continue 4 more hours to Tawas.

It was so hot and sunny, that we stopped in Au Gres to go swimming. When we got back on the boat, the wind had finally picked up! We sailed a short distance, then the sky began to get dark. The weather reports changed, from sunny all day, to isolated thunder storms. We decided to run the engine so that we could get to Tawas before the storms.

There is an old, abandoned freighter dock at Alabaster point.

The sky really started to get dark as we entered Tawas Harbor.

As soon as we arrived at the marina, around 7:30 (we made really good time!), the sky cleared up and it was a lovely evening.

In our slip at Tawas State Dock.

4 thoughts on “And We’re Off!

  1. Oh I love that old freighter dock, Toby and I have dreamed about turning it into an awesome restaurant. You are in my home stretch. You sailed right past our beach. Next year we will I pray be able to visit the Lake again. I think your boat is next to my Dad’s slip. It looks like his Michicraft. Is a Michicraft? That would make me laugh hard… I think your next to my Dad .

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