A Morning Routine for Me

Spirituality used to be a big part of my life.

As things went on, it went by the wayside. And this was a problem. A big problem. Sailing is what brought me back, what made me notice something was missing. Seeing the water, being at the mercy of nature, made me remember something larger than myself.

So, I was inspired by this website, which recommends a prayer routine for the morning. I immediately felt that an emptiness was filled, after I started this, and I think you could adapt this to any religion.

Here’s how I’ve adapted it:

1. Thanksgiving. I kept this. I really struggle against negativity, so I give thanks for at least 5 things every morning.

2. Prayer for my family. I have a hard time accepting the “husband at the top” hierarchy thing. But my mom once told me that, when you love someone, you help each other grow spiritually. I love both Rob and the Bean. So I use this to pray for Rob and this to pray for Beanie. I hope that Rob prays for me to grow as well, and I see Rob and me as being the Bean’s spiritual leaders, so I hope we’re leading her the right way.

3. Worship. I like to sing the song “Sanctuary.” But find something that speaks to you and your faith. Either sing or listen, whatever works better.

4. Devotional. I have added this, because I like to end with a little spiritual guidance. I use this one. But feel free to pick one from your devotion/religion.

I hope this helps you start your day right!

MOONRAKER UPDATE: Rob’s dad is at their house in Ossineke, so he took a look at the boat. He said the keel housing has two baseball-sized holes in it, and that they are still draining the water. This is important, because, if the keel rusts, the housing will blister and crack again. We will be going up north to visit on Wednesday, and we will stop at the marina then. At that point, if they have not started the repair, I will be having a conversation with the harbor master.

Rob and I have decided that next year, we will spend all summer cruising, rather than having a seasonal slip. One month was not nearly enough time, even if we hadn’t run aground. After Moonraker is finished, we will continue our cruise, under the bridge. If time allows, we will return to Bay City so we can keep her in the water at our slip. If not, we will have the boat pulled and stored in Mackinaw City, which would be great starting point for a summer-long cruise. If the repair is done on time, we will have 3 weeks until I have to return to work. With even 1 week, we could go under the bridge and possibly back to Bay City.

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