A Confession

I know some wonderful women (and men!) who keep their home wonderfully, who delight in cleaning and keeping their home, in expressing themselves through a display of their home making skills, who show affection for their significant other by tending to the love nest. Such a women is to be admired.

I am not such a woman. I love to cook. I love to do the grocery shopping. I hate housework.

With a passion.

Which explains the current state of my house. For two years, 3 of our rooms were unusable. The kitchen sink was frightening. The laundry and diapers were always clean, thanks to Rob. And our toilet was snow white. I can’t stand dirty toilets.

But, finally, we’ve decided to get the house in order this year. We’ve pared down, which has freed up one of the rooms. And once we make our Goodwill run, all rooms will be usable. But there is much left to do in the house–and not to mention the yard–before we make Moonraker our home for the summer.

So, in preparation, I am trying to complete something each day. On Sunday I decided that I would first surface clean the house, then focus on one room a day, then get rid of 50 possessions that we do not use (until we run out of non-useful items!). Sunday was a success, and I got my kitchen sink to shine again. Then Monday happened, with a writing workshop followed by Beanie’s last music class. No success. Then Tuesday brought a fun-filled dinner outing.

So here I am.

I will occasionally chronicle my adventures in this endeavor. All you happy housewives, please pray for me!


2 thoughts on “A Confession

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  2. I will definitely pray for you – and for me – as I hate housecleaning every bit as much as you do. That’s one of our motivations for moving to a small house in a few years – less to clean!

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