10 Years

Today is our anniversary. While our real celebration is the month-long cruise that will start tomorrow, we are having a modest celebration tonight.

10 years ago, I sat at my parents’ house, never missing an episode of “The Wedding Story.” I wanted to be a princess. I wanted a huge celebration.

Now, if I had it to do over again, I would have gotten married as part of a Sunday church service. It’s not all about me. It never was. It’s about us, committing to each other, before God.

Together, we’ve helped each other grow so much. Rob has the vision. It always seems so pie-in-the-sky, kind of an “I wish.” Then I push him to go for it.

That’s why we’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary on a sailing yacht. You don’t see many people doing that.

We used to think that the success of the marriage depended on how much each person gave. It doesn’t. And it doesn’t depend on how alike you are. What matters is how well you work together.

So, with each other, we call the other one our “pair.” We complement each other.

And, no matter what the balance of your relationship, that’s what you should be.

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