originally posted March 8, 2011

Well, here’s where it all starts.

I think I might have a few interesting stories to tell.

I currently live in a lopsided house in the woods. We’ve got a temporary structure in the back, full of mopeds. One time it blew over and landed on top of our veggie oil Mercedes. That was a pain.

The kitchen stove we found by the side of the road finally broke, so we replaced it with a 1930 gas range and oven. Magic Chef, of course! The dishes kept piling up, so we decided to get rid of all but a bowl, 3 plates, 3 cups, a saucepan, and a skillet. (The skillet is a Griswold, of course!) Someday we’re going to replace the fridge with an ice box.

We have often missed our first house, a 12 X 60 trailer that we found on a used car lot. (It was really more the trailer park/resort on the lake that we missed!). So we bought an Islander 29 sailboat (1960’s vintage!), and we will be living aboard this summer. We launch April 1, and, sheesh, look at all the snow outside!

We could be unusual on our own, but we do have our little contribution to the next generation. Jelly Bean, as I’ll call her, will be ready to teach her friends about living off the beaten path! She’s 3 years old (almost 4!) and has her own set of oddities. As an infant, she was a champion projectile-vomiter. Today, she is beginning to have an interest in the spoken word, after preferring grunts, clicks, or just plain old crying in her younger years. She has sensory processing disorder, which is less horrible, more manageable, and even more amusing (at times) than one might think.

So I look forward to sharing our stories!


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